N-th post

This is not the first time I start a blog, so it’s not really a first post, but I guess I want to try again.

Every few months I realise I am wasting most of the time, and that time has come again. I’ve spent last week or so basically just watching Netflix all day, and finished the week by drinking till 4AM and then puking 4 kilograms out the next day. That probably means I should get my shit together, and I hope that documenting my journey here will help me do just that.


By the way this blog is generated by a cool golang static site generator written by me, check it out.

There’s a few things I want to change.


  • My weight
    I’m about to reach 100kg, so I definitely need to get a bit fitter.

  • Productivity - personal
    I haven’t been coding much lately, and I hardly ever finish any projects. I feel like I’ve stopped learning anything few years ago and I really need to change that. There’s a cool project I have in mind, and I need to make sure I don’t abandon it halfway through, like I usually do.

  • Productivity - work
    I have been hired to do a project via freelancer.com, and even though the contract specifies just 3 hours of work per week I still find it hard to make myself do it, and I tend to put it off as much as I can. When I do that I feel even worse because I feel like I’m being dishonest to my employer. And because I feel worse, it’s even harder to do anything and I end up sleeping in the middle of the day.

  • School I’m kinda doing okay in school but it’s mostly because of luck, which results in being anxious every day because I’m never sure whether something will come up, like a test or whatever that I didn’t know about. It also makes me worry about my finals, because if I keep relying on luck it might not be enough to get into the university.


  • Weight - I plan on working out every day with this app. I’ve tried running, inspired by exurb1a, but I quickly figured out that I absolutely hate running. The solution - I bought inline skates and it’s just so much more fun, and - according to Endomondo - I can easily burn as much calories as when running, even though it’s way less tiring.

  • Productivity - There’s the project I mentioned, and I’ll begin with just finishing that for now. The project is pretty simple, it’s a web app that allows two people to log in via Spotify and it finds the intersection of their music libraries. I’ll try to write at least one blog post about it.
    After that, I’d like to finally learn how to make Android apps or websites in Django. I probably should read a book or two on web design and CSS, because I pretty much suck at it.

  • Work - well that’s easy. I just need to make a daily routine and include like, an hour every day for working. If I can work consistently for a few weeks, I’ll try to find more work, because money.

  • School - pretty much the same thing as above.

The problem is, I’ve more-or-less already tried to do those things a few times, and of course I failed. Why is it going to be different this time? Well - I’m documenting it. I hope that because my progress is publicly visible, I’ll have an incentive to not fuck it up again. I plan on making weekly progress updates.

I am aware this post consists mostly of incoherent rambling but I am glad I put it all out there.

To sum it all up,

A TODO for the next week starting tomorrow (8-13.05.2018)

  • do HICT with the 7 Minute Workout app every day
  • 1 hour freelancing every day
  • 1 hour coding every day
  • 1 hour studying every day
  • make a schedule

See you next monday, then.