First update

I ended my last post with

See you next Monday, then.

Of course, that was a lie, because I gave up before the week ended and didn’t have much to write about.

I did manage to do the required 3h of coding, and studied for about 2 hours, but that wasn’t even close to the goal.

Of course, that demotivated me even further so I just stopped caring again.

But I finally have an update for you!
I noticed that one of the biggest obstacles on my road to productivity is my smartphone.
I am addicted and can’t focus when I have Netflix and all of the social media within the reach of my hand.

To solve that, I asked my mother for help. We’ve agreed to designate 2 hours daily for studying, from 5 to 7 p.m., and during that time she takes away my phone to make sure it doesn’t distract me.
So far it has mostly worked.

And after those 2 hours I can stop studying without feeling bad about it, because that’s what we agreed to.
It is way easier to focus on other things, like work, without the feeling that I should be studying instead.

Starting today afternoon I have about 4 days free from school, so that should boost my productivity too.

Hopefully the next update will come on time!

By the way, I wrote this on an Android phone. I used iA Writer as the editor, and published using the regular command-line git, provided by Termux! I used to have a phone that had an actual Linux distro (Maemo) but I’d say that Android with Termux is close enough for me. I did have to install Arch Linux in a chroot to make timezones work properly, though.