package utils

import (

type ID int64

func (i ID) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error) {
    return json.Marshal(fmt.Sprint(i))

func (i *ID) UnmarshalJSON(b []byte) error {
    var iStr string
    err := json.Unmarshal(b, &iStr)
    if err != nil {
        return err

    val, err := strconv.ParseInt(iStr, 10, 64)
    if err != nil {
        return err

    *i = ID(val)
    return nil

Because Javascript doesn’t support 64 bit integers (everything is stored as a float64), if you’re sending them as JSON in a JSON API response to the browser, you probably want to convert them to and from ints.

Here’s a type you can use in your structs or wherever to do this automatically when (un)marshalling JSON.

about my previous blog post

So of course I can’t ever get my shit together and be systematic with anything, so I failed to deliver on any promise from the previous blog. I’m fighting the urge to delete it and pretend nothing ever happened, but I don’t think that’s a good thing to do.

I’ve been reading a book, The Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can’t Stand Positive Thinking by Oliver Burkeman, recently, and one thing it suggests is that setting goals and chasing them might actually get you further away from them (A so called negative path to success is proposed as an alternative, read the book if you want to know more I guess).

Therefore, I’m not going to set any goals or resolutions this time, and just try to write down whatever I learn. If I don’t do that, too bad. Let’s see how it goes.