2022: new year new me or something

Posted on Jan 3, 2022

Soooo we are starting a new year. I usually don’t do new year resolutions but I am at a point in my life where I actually have to do something with my life or it is going to be bad.

So, December ended with some intense emotional turmoil, I had to cut off the connection which I had with a friend who is very dear to me (after like, 5 years of basically being non-stop in each other’s lives.)

I think using this year to improve myself or something might be what I need right now to avoid just giving up in the fight with my depression.

So, without any further ado…

Stuff I want to do/achieve in 2022.

Weight loss.

I am currently around 110kg @ 183cm. I don’t look too bad, but I would like to at least get into the two digits category.

I ordered a 2200 kcal box diet for two weeks (starting tomorrow), to see if I like it (I actually don’t like a lot of food and I’m hoping that I can widen my horizons by doing this, while also eating healthily).

I am way too lazy/depressed to cook for myself right now, so this is a stop-gap solution until I get better.

I would also like to get back to playing Ring Fit Adventure on my Switch, to get some movement without having to go anywhere.

  • Minimal goal: get under 100kg (so, around 0.5kg per week)
  • Unrealistic goal: get to 85kg, but that will probably take a bit longer *if I want do it in a healthy manner.

Keeping my room clean.

This is simple, but I always have trouble with it. I am writing this post during a break from tidying up my room. Once I get it clean I want to focus on not making a mess.

The way I intend to do it is:

  1. Try to clean up after myself immediately.
  2. Designate a 10 minute cleaning time every day.
  3. Designate a 30 minute cleaning time every week.

Streaming/content creation.

I have taken up streaming recently, and it seems fun but this year I want to actually make it a real thing. I want to make some nice layouts for Twitch, create a schedule, stream Animal Crossing and then cut the recordings up for YouTube, so I can use their discovery algorithms to maybe find some people who will watch me.

I also want to start planning my streams, and actively finding some stuff to talk about during these streams, so that there’s some value in there besides the gameplay (which, admittedly, is not my strong side.)

I wanna play Animal Crossing, BOTW and maybe Minecraft. I think I’ll set up a schedule that’ll look something like: Mondays 7PM - Animal Crossing, Sundays 7PM - Zelda, etc.

I’ve heard consistency is key.

I also want to make new social media for this, so that I can start it all fresh.

  • Minimal goal: get the Twitch affiliate status and stream regularly for two months.
  • Ideal goal: stream consistently the whole year :)

Reading/listening to books.

When I was a child I used to read books at an incredible pace (haven’t we all?) but then I kinda stopped. I wanna get back to that. I subscribed to an audiobook app. We’ll see about that. This might also give me something to chat about during streams.

  • Minimal goal: 1 book per month.
  • Ideal goal: 2 books per month? Idk I want to make these goals reachable.

Trying new things.

I am really bad at coming out of my comfort zone. So I want to try some new things this year.

  • Minimal goal: 1 new thing per two months.
  • Ideal goal: 1 new thing monthly.

Holding myself accountable.

This of course won’t work if I don’t hold myself accountable, so I plan on making a summary post each week, and a larger one each month. Let’s see how it goes.

So, to finish, I wish you all an… acceptable 2022. Bye!