First update

First update

I ended my last post with

See you next Monday, then.

Of course, that was a lie, because I gave up before the week ended and didn’t have much to write about.

I did manage to do the required 3h of coding, and studied for about 2 hours, but that wasn’t even close to the goal.

Of course, that demotivated me even further so I just stopped caring again.

But I finally have an update for you!
I noticed that one of the biggest obstacles on my road to productivity is my smartphone.
I am addicted and can’t focus when I have Netflix and all of the social media within the reach of my hand.

To solve that, I asked my mother for help. We’ve agreed to designate...

N-th post

N-th post

This is not the first time I start a blog, so it’s not really a first post, but I guess I want to try again.

Every few months I realise I am wasting most of the time, and that time has come again. I’ve spent last week or so basically just watching Netflix all day, and finished the week by drinking till 4AM and then puking 4 kilograms out the next day. That probably means I should get my shit together, and I hope that documenting my journey here will help me do just that.


By the way this blog is generated by a cool golang static site generator written by me, check it out.

There’s a few things I want to change.